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From the personal archives of Gene Roddenberry - your weekly deep dive into Star Trek history. Hosted by "Dr. Trek" Larry Nemecek, Executive Producer Rod Roddenberry. See the documents at For more great podcasts, visit

Dec 31, 2019

The New Adventures of Star Trek Quest Generation of the Future! How many possible permutations of the title would be kicked around before settling on Star Trek: The Next Generation? Bob Justman has some fun in a late 1986 memo to Gene Roddenberry with many variations on a theme.

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Dec 17, 2019

What does the forensic investigation of a daily production report reveal about creating a TV show? A lot, apparently! Mike DeMerrit drops by again to shed some light on what was going right - and wrong- during the production of TNG's pilot, "Encounter at Farpoint."

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Dec 10, 2019

David Gautreaux returns to talk about sizing up the competition for Xon and why he was asked to test a second time for a role he already had. Then we learn about the surprising announcement of Star Trek making the jump from the small to the large screen.

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Dec 3, 2019

In late 1977, a new Star Trek series was coming along with sets being built, scripts written and actors being cast. Leonard Nimoy wouldn't return as Spock which meant a young Vulcan, Xon, would take his place. Recapping his first trip to Paramount studios in October, 1977, Xon himself, David Gautreaux, drops by The...

Nov 26, 2019

Andre Bormanis joins The Trek Files again to talk about the Bynars and keeping computer jargon believable in science fiction. Our document centers around the development of the TNG episode "11001001" (when it was known as "10101001"); elements that stayed like the holodeck and elements that were nixed like a visit...