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From the personal archives of Gene Roddenberry - your weekly deep dive into Star Trek history. Hosted by "Dr. Trek" Larry Nemecek, Executive Producer Rod Roddenberry. See the documents at For more great podcasts, visit

Sep 21, 2021

There were cast changes for the second season of Star Trek: The Next Generation, and that meant a new writer/director guide to explain the crew dynamics. The Trek Files welcomes back Susan Sackett, Gene Roddenberry's longtime assistant, to offer insight into those early production days of TNG.

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Sep 14, 2021

Starlog magazine profiled Gene Roddenberry in July 1986 to discuss the Star Trek movies and TV legacy. We are joined by Ian Spelling, author of that piece as well as former editor of and co-author of Star Trek: A Celebration.

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Sep 7, 2021

It's a constant in the TV business: the collision of production and promotion. On at least one occasion in 1967, Herb Solow complained to Bob Justman that that local promos were taking up production resources on Star Trek. Our guest, John Wentworth, reminds us that even decades later it was a familiar refrain.

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Aug 31, 2021

And early script draft for Star Trek IV: The Adventure Continues draws pointed critique in Gene Roddenberry's office. The Trek Files is joined by the author of the memo, Susan Sackett, to describe Gene's challenges with the film.

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Aug 24, 2021

There are a few ways to gauge the popularity of a TV show, and fan mail, by volume, is one important factor. Former Paramount executive John Wentworth stops by The Trek Files to explain some of Star Trek's audience appeal and share insights about his time with the show's producers.

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