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From the personal archives of Gene Roddenberry - your weekly deep dive into Star Trek history. Hosted by "Dr. Trek" Larry Nemecek, Executive Producer Rod Roddenberry. See the documents at For more great podcasts, visit

Apr 25, 2023

The question in 1986 was how to make a Star Trek show for the next generation that still had familiar concepts and characters. Producer Bob Justman sent a flurry of memos with some ideas that stuck and others that didn't see the light of day. Larry Nemecek and John Champion discuss those creative decisions and how...

Apr 18, 2023

The Riker walk. The Riker sit. They all had an origin that took the character from "a little smarmy" to a "Gary Cooper" type to being fully inhabited by our special guest: Jonathan Frakes. The Trek Files goes back to the origins with a special reading of the very audition sides that landed Frakes the role of the...

Apr 11, 2023

What changes and what stays the same? That was the core question for the earliest steps in shaping Star Trek: The Next Generation. Star Trek illustrator/designer John Eaves stops by The Trek Files to help us chart the many ways that sequel series need to carry off that difficult balancing act.

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Apr 4, 2023

Looking back again at Star Trek: The Experience in Las Vegas, Gary Goddard joins The Trek Files to discuss the changes that occurred along the long development path as well as the joys of (and complicated tech behind) "beaming up."

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