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From the personal archives of Gene Roddenberry - your weekly deep dive into Star Trek history. Hosted by "Dr. Trek" Larry Nemecek, Executive Producer Rod Roddenberry. See the documents at For more great podcasts, visit

Nov 30, 2021

"Oscar, Where Are You?" That's the question posed in a behind-the-scenes photo from the first Star Trek pilot, "The Cage." Today, we welcome back guest Emmy Lou Crawford (Carey Foster) who is in that very picture to share stories of working on TOS and working with "uncle Rod."

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Nov 23, 2021

The Trek Files welcomes back producer Don Beck for a look at how DVDs revolutionized the home video market and how Star Trek was boldly using this new medium.

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Nov 16, 2021

Gene Roddenberry sent letters to colleagues in TV production, encouraging them to give a chance to an up-and-coming actress named Carey Foster (stage name of Emmy Lou Crawford). Today we welcome Emmy Lou herself to talk about acting in the early '60s and getting a recommendation from "uncle Gene."

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Nov 9, 2021

Selling a TV show is a difficult job, especially when the show doesn't exist yet. Don Beck continues his story of getting TV stations interested in a new Trek before TNG had gotten off the ground and how the studio made sure they promoted it.

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Nov 2, 2021

Before the series could be considered viable by Paramount, Star Trek: The Next Generation would need to clear 65% of the country in syndication sales. Producer/writer/director Don Beck's association with the studio made him the person to lead the undertaking, and this week he shares his experience, and personal...